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Blueprint house illustrationBlueprint style house illustration


cutaway house illustrationCutaway illustration of a two story family home


Medical center architectural illustrationMedical center architectural cutaway illustration


Columns drawing

Drawing to show the Attic Base of an Ionic Column


Air conditioning drawingGhosted illustration of a house to show air conditioning

Blueprint cutaway houseBlueprint style cutaway single story house


RH buiding in line artRH headquarter in Boston line art illustration


Brick building front elevationFront elevation of a brick building


House drawingTwo story home blueprint style illustration


House sketchSketch of a house

Blueprint overhead houseWireframe illustration of a house


Propane adPropane usage in a two story home


Stolichneya towersRussian towers illustration


T-Mobile illustrationT-Mobile blueprint illustration


Atlant building for the artsAtlanta building for the arts illustration


Front elevation of a two story homeFront elevation of a two story home

Interior blueprint style illustrationinterior blueprint style illustration


front house elevationFront elevation house drawing


Washington Arch illustrationLine art illustration of the Washington Arch


Cutaway drawing of a wind tunnelCutaway drawing of a wind tunnel



Beau and Alan Daniels create cutaway x-ray, ghosted and phantom view illustrations: Blueprint, photorealistic, pencil, pen and ink, black and white line art, and mechanical illustrations. We provide: cutaway technical automotive illustration, architectural illustration, architectural rendering, technical illustration , medical illustration, Flash animation, infographic and map illustration..

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